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Just trying to simplify my life, save myself from spur of the moment purchases and save $!

I have too many email to read 1,000 a day I had this email for 20yrs. So you can image the how much email that is in there. Plus I use that to look for a job in the past so I would like that to stop coming in.

I'm tired of looking at spam!!!!!

I used to work for Groupon and this is not cool what you are doing. It's not Groupon's fault that you are unhappy with a business once you get there. Groupon is not in control of the thousands of businesses they sell coupons for. Groupon is simply a middle man of sorts...a carnival barker. Businesses ask Groupon to promote their wares to WILLING subscribers on the terms Groupon defines and then it charges the business owner a 50% commission for doing so. What's the big deal? If businesses are unhappy with the terms of the Groupon arrangement after-the-fact (like many are), and because of this they treat coupon holders poorly, that is not Groupon's fault. It's just that the majority of the companies that use Groupon are just subpar businesses. Again, not Groupon's fault...they just sell the coupons. At 50% commission.

Ever seen a bathtub being called a "plunge pool"?! I have and it's not funny! Besides, they probably changed the water on a weekly basis given all the residues inside! Thanks Groupon!

Groupon Poop-on

Bought a living social for a colonic, the "Drs office" in downtown Brooklyn was super gross and scary, there was mold everywhere and I was so scared. I couldn't let the "nurse" stick that hose up my butt, I ran out of the office. Never buying a daily deal coupon ever again!

Deal for photo session made it sound like photog would meet us anywhere in the East Bay (since it said something like "good for family photo session anywhere in East Bay"). When I went to schedule, he said there'd be a travel fee of $25, and that it'd be really hard for him to get to where I suggested we meet. So we ended up driving more than an hour to the convenient spot for him on. Friday night. Otherwise the deal would have expired. And the pictures weren't anything to write home about. He didn't bother photoshopping out simple things like the blue garbage can behind my husband's head. And he complained the entire time about how cheap daily deal buyers are and then they complain on Yelp. I could see why.

Groupon seems to be the last gasp before a restaurant goes out of business. It's a faulty model - the businesses who offer Groupons are struggling to begin with. They generally are struggling because they just aren't that good. Then the Groupon comes out and aggravates everyone who works there. Groupon customers come in, get a mediocre product, and are treated rudely by the aggravated employees. They never return. On top of that, the restaurant takes a financial blow because of the coupon and voila! the next time you drive by, the business is gone. I've seen it happen over and over and over again . . .

I bought a Groupon for cupcakes, but when I tried to use it the bakery said it needed 48 hours advance notice to claim the deal. I never could use it.

One time I bought a Groupon for $100 eyeglasses. The merchant tried to charge me an additional $200 for non-reflective lenses and polishing. I cancelled the Groupon and bought identical glasses retail for $90 shipped.

I bought massage from Living Social good for 6 months. I tried to book it on the website and they were booked up for 7 months!

Living Social is useless and so is

One time a waiter spit in my food in front of me because I was using a groupon

Try talking to a Groupon representitive, see how cocky they are?!!! They think you are a freeloader and no respect (Rodney!). The only place the merchant was courteous was with Jamaica Auto Wash in Queens,NY. The worst was Nanking restaurant in Long Island,NY and I told the manager that I would never step in to that place. Lots of my Groupons have expired and the company do not want to redeem it for face value. Please do not buy any Groupons!

I bought a teeth-whitening deal. The dentist told me he'd have to do $3000. worth of gum surgery before he could do the whitening. My regular dentist told me my gums were in great shape. Of course, I never returned for my whitening so I lost my money.

I bought a Groupon for a Cornacopia Cruise on the Hudson. I paid $65 for a pass for 2 people. When I went to make the reservation (after I paid the $65), the requested my credit card number for an additonal $32.50 for "service fees". Can you spell SCAMMED. I can. I am so done with Groupon. (ps. It's not the $32.50, it's the principle)...

I bought a deal for a haircut, keratin treatment, scalp massage, and paraffin hand treatment. All I got was the haircut. The stylist told me the paraffin machine was broken and would burn my hands. I paid $49.

I don't have a daily deal story per se, but I am SO HAPPY someone started this. It's time we come to terms with the fact that we just need to support businesses as they are, find a company, store, or organization we love and become LOYAL to those few places. We're facing choice overload! Thank you Unsubscribe Deals for seeing into the future!

I need one for my whole 2.0 life. OK, for all please.

All the restaurant deals from Amazon in my neighborhood that advertise $20.00 worth of food for $10.00 are known to be mediocre a best. Why would anyone want to eat bad food at a discount? I receive these types of offers from Amazon 10 times a week.

I'm a man and I receive hundreds of body massage offers directed just at women every week. Men get stressed out too. We enjoy back rubs just as much as women do. How about offering shiatsu, Swedish, or deep tissue massages that are unisex for a change. I can't believe the stupidity of merchants and marketers that send me offers that don't apply to me.

they advertise deals as $19 for $40 worth of food. after you include a manditory 15% tip and 13% tax in canada it costs much much more. ripoff !

I bought a bladeless fan at a groupon discount shop and which took me more than a week of constant calling to claim, turned out it was more expensive by up to 20% than in the regular department store.

I ran a groupon and had to close my business after it ran due to losses and the fact they did not pay me right away

My friend Emilie got stood up by a guy because he said he had a Living Social coupon he had to use. Awesome guy. Honestly I dare anyone to eat 90% off pizza. And please, deal sites, stop trying to make zip lining so popular. It would probably work better to just give it a clever and apropos name like Cameltoe Adventures.

I bought a livingsocial for 50% a prostate exam. The doctor was a big guy with huge fingers. I asked for a refund when I was able to sit in front of the computer again...

Once I bought a Groupon sandwich and it was expired! Got sick! Cancelled from Groupon the day after.

Out of the 10 I've bought, I've let 8 expire, used 1 and got gypped out of the other.

I get about 10-15 group buying deals a day and they are a pain to sift through. I buy from these deals maybe once every 3 months, but have to put up with junk most of the time

I bought a Google deal for a chiropractor adjustment with free adjustment, and no massage...but they did try to sell me visits three times weekly...

3 groupon emails a day. one for the local deal, another for a getaway, and another for an "adventure". really?

I bought a Groupon for house cleaning. They never showed up, cancelled the deal and my house is still dirty.

Dear Groupon, I owe you no explanation. Stop sending emails!!!! Im sick of it!

I went all the way to the Upper East Side for a spray tan coupon once. I came out orange and they said not to shower for 24 hours. I woke up and my blankets were all orange.

I once got a Groupon for teeth whitening. I went to the office and the receptionist gave me some bleach and told me to do it at home. She said it would be extra if I wanted the dentist to do it.

I bought a Groupon for a spa. They tried to make me do yoga.

I know it's time to go to sleep when Groupon emails start coming in.

I wish they had a daily deal for botox.

I bought a $15 coupon for $30 at a restaurant. The restaurant tried to charge me a $10 coupon fee.

I bought a daily deal for a spa. The spa turned out to be someone's apartment. The 15 minute sauna session at the beginning was me, sitting in a fold out chair in the middle of her living room wrapped in tin foil with a space heater underneath.

One time I bought a Groupon for laser hair removal. I went once. The place sucked. I'm still hairy.